New laws and regulations on animal cruelty

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***We have hit a small road bump, parliament for the most part will not hear petitions that aren't made on the government website, but there have been some occasions this has happened! To make sure your voices are heard i need you to share your concerns and this petition with your local MP, the more support we recieve from Local MPs and media outlets the more chance we have of being heard! It shouldn't matter the platform you give your voice too!!!! Its your VOICE that should matter!!!!! If it takes a million signatures i have EVERY faith we will get it done!!!!!! ******



As many of you have seen on a post now going viral, regarding two dogs. On seemingly one meter length chains, in sub zero temperature/ snow outside. Many of us have spoken to RSPCA England/Wales. Only to be told, that as much as the conditions are no way ideal, they aren't breaking the law. As the animal has a wooden shelter and a water bowl and food. 


I now believe its about time we become the voice for the voiceless and fight for better living rights for all dogs living in such atrocious conditions. 

Im now calling upon Parliament, and requesting new animal abuse laws be put in place, similar to Americas Libre's law, ensuring no animal is left outside in extreme temperatures (0 degrees or below and 32 degrees or above for any longer than half an hour, and cannot be kept long term outside in these conditions regardless of outside kennel shelter. im also asking them to make laws on tethering more specific, currently there is no rule to the length of a chain somone may keep an animal on, this needs to he changed.

Dogs should either be in a secure garden, or if teather temporarily for exercise the teather should be at least 4/5 times the length of the animal it is being used for, and only used in the need of supervised exercise as shown by the incident of a dog tethered in the garden of UK home died after accidentally hanging himself over wall, prompting calls to never leave dogs tethered and unsupervised.

I also call for punishement of animal abuse to be stricter, animal ownership bans are not providing enough consequence, and have on multiple occasions lead to the banned owner being found to simply replace the animal unlawfully. Any animal cruelty should be met with a consequence that ensures the crime is not only taken seriously, but sets the precedent to all UK residents that animal cruelty and neglect is no longer going to be over looked and accepted as it has been, all animal abuse should be met with a permanent ownership ban, and at minimum a suspended sentence. 

Please stop overlooking the welfare rights of animals.