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New Law for Cat's Rights

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Why should it be acceptable to leave a poor defenceless pet out in the street and drive away if you have caused them an injury? Even though not everyone is a 'cat person' how would you feel if your pet got injured and the person responsible did nothing to help them? I know I would feel angry and upset that my cat had been overlooked because it is not law. In the UK, under the Road Traffic Act 1988, it is law that the driver of a vehicle must stop if they hit a dog and failure to do so can lead to prosecution. This however is not the case with felines and I feel that this is an injustice towards the species. There are almost a quarter of a million cats involved in car accidents per year in the UK and the average vet's bill comes out at around £500. PetPlan have said that the highest claim came in at over £10,000. If this isn't justification as to how much your reckless driving can affect someone I don't know what is. The fact that the people inflicting this damage are walking away paying nothing towards the rehabilitation of these beautiful creatures disgusts me and I think that this should change.  

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