Make racist hate crimes a prisonable offence

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This is a not a new problem. It’s been going on for centuries, all over the world and quite frankly I’m tired, so I can’t imagine how people subjected to these racist remarks and abuse feel. 

Although racist hate crimes are classed as illegal people are rarely prosecuted and imprisoned for it. 

With a rise in viral videos depicting racist attacks all over the UK I think it is time we collectively took a stand and got the government and police to start punishing these criminals accordingly. And now with every social media platform you could think of at our finger tips it has created an avenue for once closet racists to now openly spew an unbelievable amount of hateful, racist comments left right and centre. I do believe it’s also down to big corporate companies like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to take a stand and police their apps more efficiently and report their findings to the police, rather than simply deleting accounts, thus sweeping this ongoing issue under the rug once more. 

Please take a stand with me to put pressure on the government to make sure racist hate crimes are taken more seriously and that these criminals are convicted and punished duly.