Make chess VAT exempt #SavetheUKCC

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Make chess VAT exempt #SavetheUKCC

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Anuurai Sainbayar started this petition to UK Parliament and


The UKCC, UK Chess Challenge, is the organisation which makes the greatest contribution to developing chess in the country throughout all stages of a child’s and young person’s life.


1.      Chess and its benefits

Chess is one of the oldest mental games in history and it is played all over the world. It enables children and young people of all races and nationalities to compete on level terms. It develops thinking skills, strategic planning and emotional resilience. Hence it is invaluable in helping the evolution of man.


2.      Current situation

In the UK a hundred physical sports are exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax) but the premier mental activity, chess, is not. This suggests that chess does not have the same value placed upon it as physical activities.


Success in anything is founded on emotional, physical and most importantly mental abilities. This should be recognised by the British Government.


3.      Save the UKCC

The UK Chess Challenge has been running for 20 years and has introduced over half a million children to chess. The UKCC, the largest chess tournament in the world, is now threatened with closure due to a VAT bill of £300,000 from HMRC.


However, as most of the VAT could be claimed back by the schools, HMRC would not be making a substantial amount. Having to comply with HMRC’s tax demands would be a massive expenditure of time on administration, especially by the organisers, which would mean the tournament itself could suffer exponentially. Time is of precious value to all of us, and as much as we are happy to pay tax, we can’t reverse the clocks and get our time back.


Exempting chess from the need to collect VAT would short circuit this problem and would allow the tournament to develop and continue to provide chess to 45,000 children yearly in over 1300 schools nationally.


Our sporting Olympians have done fantastically well, now let’s do the same for chess!


Thank you for taking an important interest. Your support is greatly valued.



The UK Chess Challenge Team


P.S. Don’t forget to tweet your local MP with the #SavetheUKCC

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This petition had 770 supporters

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