Make bank shift pay ‘tax free’ for full time NHS staff

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There are currently 44,000 nurse vacancies in the NHS.

That gap is primary being filled by full time nurses working ‘overtime’.

However, many of those nurses are being punished and being ‘emergency taxed’.

As one of the most hardworking professions, nurses that are spending 48 hours plus away from their families deserve to be fairly compensated for continuing to deliver a service this country can be proud of.

Issuing a ‘tax free’ initiative for full time NHS staff doing bank work would not cost the tax payer. It would encourage a temporary solution to a massive problem. Further more it would improve the health and wellbeing of hard working NHS staff and encourage people to join this vital profession.

Please sign this petition advising the UK government to make bank work carried out by full time NHS staff tax free.

Look after yourself,


Paediatric Nurse and Advocate for Staff Health and Wellbeing in the NHS