Make all bestiality a criminal offence

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Make any sexual contact with an animal a criminal offence

Currently, someone is only guilty of a sexual offence with an animal if there is full penetration. In Canada, for example, ANY contact for a sexual purpose between a person and an animal can be a criminal offence. The UK Government should recognise the weakness in the current law and change it.

Bestiality can be an indicator crime, and many offenders transfer the violence from animals to people. In the USA a study showed 31.6% of animal sex offenders also sexually offended against children and adults; 52.9% had a prior or subsequent criminal record involving human sexual abuse, animal abuse, interpersonal violence, substances, or property offences. In the UK some 'bestiality' cases are treated as an animal welfare offence only. No jail time and no referral to Sex Offender Programmes.