Liz Truss Threatens the future of young transgender individuals. This needs to be stopped

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It has recently come to our attention that Liz Truss has threatened the future of Young Transgender Individuals in the United Kingdom.

We understand this from frequent hints that she would like to change the way the NHS treats individuals under eighteen years of age struggling with dysphoria. We firmly believe that gender reassignment procedures, including the taking of various hormones, is beneficial to the mental and physical health of the individual. Furthermore, it is fundamental neglect of human rights if the UK continues to allow such issues to be handled so carelessly.

We need to step up now before this issue is overlooked by the media and her proposals are considered by parliament this summer. There is only one path towards conquering the transphobic individuals behind this proposal and secure our rights as individuals : we must gather the entire community together to firmly stand against this. I therefore ask all of my fellow countrymen, no matter from what walk of life, that if you believe in the causes of our community you sign this petition and forward it to other like-minded people. Help us fight transphobia in the UK. Help us end this bill.