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My brother Yousef was killed in a stabbing in March 2019. He was 17 years old, aspired to be a heart surgeon and had his whole life ahead of him. The boy that stabbed him was shockingly bailed shortly after being arrested although the charge against him was murder for which he was tried in front of a jury in Crown Court. Yousef’s killer claimed he acted in self-defence. It’s time to stand up and fight, not for revenge but for justice and the UK needs to change the laws and sentences for killers and violent offenders. Too many young people are being threatened, injured or killed by knife crime, this needs to stop. People who decide to carry a knife with or without the intent to use should face harsher punishments than what is currently given.
I don’t want anyone to have to go through the nightmare that our family are going through as every human life is precious and needs to be treated as such. Please help me to protect others from losing their lives and families suffering like us. The UK needs to change the laws for violent offenders and the courts need to stop protecting these offenders who have taken a human life and may re-offend again and tougher sentences need to be imposed to ensure that we protect people from knife crime.