investigation into Pet log micro chipping data breaches and issues

investigation into Pet log micro chipping data breaches and issues

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I registered my 8 year old staffordshire bull terrier with Pet log when i first got him around 6 months old. Due to reading about all of the problems other people where having with Pet log and microchips i decided to check my dogs microchip. To my utter despair my dogs chip was unregistered on the system. I tried for 3 weeks to contact Pet log with not one reply. I eventually had to pay an additional £20.00 to re register his microchip on the Pet log system. I only did this out of fear my dog went missing or was stolen. I have just checked his microchip again an it is again unregistered.

I have seen major issues with Pet log Micro chipping data base here are a few links to some of the problems that have been occurring,

People are still having issues with unregistered microchips today being the 01/12/2021. 

Dog theft is on a all time rise and there are many dogs out their that belong to people and cant be or wont be reunited due to this issue.

If you were to collect the data on all

strays picked up

Stolen dogs

missing dogs

dogs taken during raids

or on welfare grounds

the number of these dogs microchips that are unregistered is a joke. Sad thing is people are blaming the irresponsible owners? When in fact the owners are frantically searching for their dogs across the country. This is all down to Pet log and it needs to be addressed through a full investigation.

I have seen dogs that have been recovered in a raid be returned back due to unregistered microchips even though the Police knew the dogs did not belong to them.

Some dogs recovered during raids on travelers sites have had microchips cut out and when owners have seen their dog on police website pictures the Police have refused to give them their own stolen pets back due to no proof of ownership.

Hundreds of dogs have been re homed via Rspca and dogs trust. These dogs have been recovered during raids or taken on welfare grounds. If the dogs chips are unregistered which a lot of them are now either due to Pet log issues or dog thieves tampering with chips. Some of the owners of stolen dogs could be searching for their dog who has been re homed. The whole thing is just a mess and i would appreciate any help that could be offered with this matter. i speak here for 1000s of people who are looking for or have dedicated their own time into helping the animal kingdom please help us with this matter.


384 have signed. Let’s get to 500!