Implement a course designed to educate people on racism similar to NSAC

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I have written to several MP’s regarding a programme that is designed to educate people when being caught making racist remarks/displaying racist behaviour. However, due to the pandemic it is unlikely this will get a response without some pressure from the public.

I believe that changes to the education system will not happen quickly and so there needs to be a programme that is designed to educate. I propose a system similar to the National Speed Awareness Course. Instead of receiving a fine for displaying racist behaviour and comments, a person should have the opportunity to attend a course that properly educates people on the severity of racism in the world, particularly the UK.

The course should properly discuss the history of racism and how it has evolved to what black people experience today. It should firmly state what is and is not racism and educate people on the legislation that governs immigration. It should involve statistics on housing, education, sentencing, deaths and arrests.

A person should need to receive a certificate to avoid paying a fine and should they display more racist behaviour, they should have to complete the course again.

I understand there is a lack of resources and this would be difficult to implement. However, education will make a real difference and will help people push for bigger systematic changes.

Once the pandemic is over, each council should employ two people to properly educate the individuals who are racist. The course could possibly run (depending on numbers) twice a month and could operate on a Saturday in a school hall.