Hold Newspapers & other printed media, to the same non-bias regulations as broadcast media

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Hold Newspapers, and other printed media, to the same non-bias regulations as broadcasted media

The principal areas of media regulation are the press, radio and television, (but can also include film, recorded music, the internet etc.) 

But this does not seem to apply to traditional printed media, such as newspapers and magazines!

In the U.K. we have OfCom that regulates Broadcast media - which includes TV, Radio, Video on Demand Services; as well as telecommunications and the postal service. 

OfCom (full title: The Office of Communications) is approved by our government in the U.K. and ‘has a statutory duty to represent the interest of citizens..and protecting the public from harmful or offensive material.’

Ofcom licenses all of UK commercial television and radio services. Broadcasters must comply by the terms of their licence, and follow their Broadcasting Code, or risk having their license revoked. 

OfCom is not afraid to take action, like it did in 2010 when it revoked the licenses of four channels,  as well as having enforced a total of £35,194,140 in fines since its creation.

Compare this for printed media. 

There is The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) which regulates the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK and ‘exists to promote and uphold the highest professional standards of journalism in the UK’ as well as ‘to support members of the public in seeking redress where they believe that the Editors' Code of Practice has been breached’ (this deals with accuracy, invasion of privacy, intrusion into grief or shock and harassment)

The IPSO only regulates the “professional standard of journalism”. As far as we can see there is no regulation for printed media to be factual, non-biased, and to have no political slant, or if there is legislation, it is not to the extent there is for broadcast media with OfCom.

We have seen large claims in the printed media about ‘1 in 5 British Muslims have sympathy for jihads’ and ‘New Baby Food and Biscuits Linked to Cancer’

And I’m sure we’ll all remember the most recent front pages with headlines including “Crush The Saboteurs” and in the case of the Brexit Court Case “Enemies Of The People”.

This petition calls for the same regulations that currently apply to broadcast media, to apply to printed media as well. 

This will not be an infringement on freedom of speech or freedom of the press as we already have this in place for broadcast media. All we are asking is this same treatment be given across all media, including printed media and that they too are accurate, truthful and non-biased.

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