Help for individuals directly affected by Suicide within 72 hours.

Help for individuals directly affected by Suicide within 72 hours.

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Matthews Law - We the undersigned demand that it should be a statutory obligation that individuals directly affected by Suicide should be offered support and/or specialist bereavement counselling within 72hours. 

At the beginning of the year I lost Matthew (my partner & father of my children) to Suicide. After experiencing first hand the devastating effect that suicide had on my family, Matthews family and all those close to him it soon came to my attention the absolute lack of support there is available when it comes to suicide. 

I took it upon myself to research the facts, laws, statistics and support (or lack of) that was being offered in a timely manner. That research has also opened my eyes to the exact definition of a victim. Those directly affected by suicide are not considered victims. The definition states - a person harmed, injured or killed as the result of a crime, accident or other event.

So, that to me means the individuals affected are indeed harmed (emotionally; shock, trauma, grief etc) by this ‘other event’ (suicide). This should force authorities to act when offering support or counselling. According to statistics, every individual affected is at greater risk of attempting suicide - yet currently, no support is being offered to all those within that statistic!  

Whether it is a complete suicide or an attempt it affects everyone (every individual - family member and friends) around or close to the person so support should be given. 

This law/ petition is not aimed at labelling those affected individuals as victims. It is to gain the rights to have support provided. The individuals should be offered support by the attending authorities (Police, NHS & Emergency services) within 72 hours this includes referring to services for support in that particular local area. (So the authorities should have a list of the local services and their contact details available to them). 

Suicide and bereavement support can be given in various ways through therapy, advise(signposting) and practical support. This can should be given by the NHS , Community interest companies, other local groups and charities (such as Off 2 the Moon) that focus on Mental Health, Suicide, Prevention and Bereavement services.