Government to probe and block all financial operations of the corporate Scam ShawAcademy.

Government to probe and block all financial operations of the corporate Scam ShawAcademy.

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Oluwaseun Babalola’s started this petition to UK Parliament and

The ShawAcademy founded by James Egan promoted themselves as online based academy resource. But this is a cover for them to run scam on unsuspecting victims who are only looking for ways to acquire knowledge. They have caused so many people pain and distress. The painful testimonies and reviews of victims are on trust pilot ( news media outlets and all over social media’s.

A compilation of heart breaking testimonies from victims , emails and transactions by this evil corporate scam will available soon.

How ShawAcademy has scammed millions of victims:

You get a free trial of Shaw Academy but you have to provide a payment method of either a credit card or PayPal. You are assured that you can cancel at any time. But this a big lie. They make it difficult for you to cancel, which involves series of rigorous calls and emails.

You decide to cancel by clicking the red cancellation link. You get taken to a series of additional pages telling you not to give up on your goals. You click the cancel link at the bottom of each page. On page 7 (so you have had to click cancel on 7 pages in a row), you are provided with a phone number to call to cancel.
You call the cancellation phone number and get a *long* recorded speech reminding you that you signed up so you could get to your "goals" and encouraging you not to give up. At the end of the message, you are told to hit the #4 button if you still want to cancel. At this point you are taken to another *long* recorded speech with the same message at the end that if you STILL want to cancel you can hit the #2 button. This continues for 4 recorded speeches (#4 again and then #6), at which time you get a recorded message telling you that you can cancel if you email Or if lucky connect you to a real person.

If you send an  email to You get a canned response back from Shaw Academy's ZenDesk support system assuring you that they will get back to you soon. 
In both cases, you will receive the following response back from a person at Shaw Academy:

“As mentioned on the phone your membership with Shaw Academy has now been cancelled.

What we would like to do now is to give you an additional two months totally free of charge. There will be no recurring charges thereafter. There are no strings. Just two months totally free of charge as a thank you to you and to help you achieve your goals.

We are very grateful for your time and custom and if you would like to reactivate your account, you can do so at any time by clicking on the reactivation button in the membership status area in the member's area”.

Months after you have received email of your cancellation. They will begin to make unauthorised transactions on your payment method when you have not subscribed to any of their products. Most banks report that they registered cards as recurring fees, which allow them to take money continuously unless you cancel your cards. This money they will fail to refund and keep harassing victims with further deals to take their courses. 

Also their website is also made of traps of “single click payment” buttons all over the pages for unsuspecting victims. If you mistakenly click on any, you are loosing nothing less than £40. And they will not refund even after several email.

This unplanned and unauthorised transactions by this wicked scam Academy has caused a lot of people pain and distress. Because such transactions were unplanned for and customers are not aware of this, it has led some people into financial ruins, disrupted their lives and plans and caused a lot of people set back.

For example, I was supposed to register for an exam when this unlawful transactions took place. I registered for their free trial photography class in June and cancelled the same week without taken a class. After vigorous process to cancel , I received the email confirming the cancellation. So I was not expecting getting a debit transactions in November, 4 months after. I do not have any money to book this exam I have prepared for over 6 months. I could not book this exam because ShawAcademy took money unlawfully from my account without my knowledge, refused to refund the money despite emailing them with my plights but still continue to harass me with their aggressive marketing to take their courses. I missed the exam, which changed my life plans and schedule. I could not be what I want to be because of ShawAcademy. They caused me a whole year of set back. It led me to depression. After several email and getting the same auto response. I decided to abandon the refund and move on with my life.

Only to again see another debit transactions from them this February. Part of the money I was saving for the same exam they made me to miss. They again refused to refund and harassed me more with aggressive marketing to continue their course.

Then I went to read about them, only find out I was not the only one being scammed. Millions of people have fallen victims of this corporate scam. A lot have lost their jobs, could not attend interviews or pay their rents because their plans were unexpectedly disrupted by the unauthorised transactions from ShawAcademy

ShawAcademy is not just a scam business but an evil organisation that is ruining the lives of many . Their business is against any sane country laws and contravene the consumer protection regulation. They bully, harass and use aggressive marketing practices to mislead unsuspecting victims. They are ruthless and non-apologetic. They do not care whose lives is ruined as long as they take your money. It’s all about money for them.

This wicked and evil company operates in the United Kingdom, Europe and America , amongst other country. Such evil should not be allow to thrive and operate in this countries.

The parliament has the highest level of responsibility  to protect her people from wicked people like James Egan and it’s corporate stealing ShawAcademy that is causing pain and misery. ShawAcademy operations needs to be probe and stopped from operation. And be made to refund all illegal transactions. 

I call on parliament to respond to his people and save them from corporate thieves like James Egan ShawAcademy.


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