Give children their free school meals if/when schools close due to coronavirus

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Schools across England, Scotland and Wales could soon shut their doors due to Coronavirus - they have already been closed in Northern Ireland. And this could have a devastating impact on children who rely on a free school meal.

Thousands of children across the UK get free school meals, a vital safety net for families who are struggling financially. This safety net will stop with school closures.

We want governments across the UK to provide food provision for children who usually get free school meals so they don’t go hungry during coronavirus school closures.

Many parents will be facing unpaid leave and lose income due to school closures as they will need to take time off to care for their children.

This financial pressure will worsen if they have to put extra meals on the table at a time when food supplies could be less available and food banks face increasing demand.

Please sign, share and spread the word today because no child should go hungry because of coronavirus.