Ensure that UK wildlife protection laws are strengthened post-Brexit

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EU wildlife legislation (such as the Habitats Directive and Birds Directive) has been a revolutionary force in safeguarding UK wildlife. It is therefore paramount to ensure that post-Brexit, UK wildlife laws are strengthened in alignment with EU wildlife legislation. The best way to do this would be by essentially copying and pasting EU legislation on wildlife protection into UK law. 

Although in the past week Michael Gove - the UK Environment Secretary - voiced that post-Brexit, he wants to enhance UK wildlife laws,[1] we must not forget that a mere few months ago he expressed his intentions to slash EU regulations on wildlife protection after Brexit; complaining that the EU Habitats Directive hindered development.[2]

British wildlife must not be sidelined during the Brexit process. We need to ensure that Michael Gove genuinely aims to enhance UK wildlife protection. Join the petition to make sure that Gove helps to #StrengthenNotSlash wildlife protection by converting EU wildlife laws into UK law.