End taxpayer subsidized meals for MPs

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Last night (21/10/2020), the UK Government voted against a motion to extend the free meals for children scheme which would have provided children from low income families with food during the half term and Christmas school breaks on the basis that it does not represent a reasonable use of taxpayers money, that it will create ‘dependency and that it should not be considered the Governments responsibility to address child food poverty

Many people are understandably angry at this decision. Children and their families do not choose to live in poverty. It has either always been part of their life due to low incomes, disability etc or due to a change in circumstances e.g. unemployment due to the Covid19 pandemic (or other factors)

Lets be clear - children are NOT to blame going hungry and nor are their families- despite what the divisive and misleading media headlines may try to convince you of.

Hunger/poor nutrition has a substantial and long term/life long impact upon a child’s physical and mental health/development. 

UK Government MPs currently receive taxpayer subsidized meals in the Parliamentary Members Restaurant plus they can claim for meals off site on expenses whilst undertaking their duties despite their clear ability to pay from their own food from their substantial income (also funded by the taxpayer). This is an entirely unreasonable use of taxpayers money. 

It is often said that a society should be judged on how it treats its most vulnerable. Refusing to fund meals for hungry children, particularly during such unprecedented times, whilst continuing to subsidize meals for MPs is morally and socially unacceptable. It must stop. 

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