End Breed Specific Legislation.

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Dogs are being killed because of what breed they are. Any incident involving a dog harming a human should be dealt with on an individual basis, not by killing off an entire breed .The government should find a way to monitor owners instead of killing innocent dogs and placing restrictions on dogs that have caused no harm. Blame the deed not the breed. My dog Lola was seized by the police and removed from her family. The police agreed that she is a gentle , well balanced dog, however, because they assessed her with a tape measure, she has been labelled Pitbull “type”.  She has to be muzzled and kept on a lead, no more freedom to run and play. Families and dogs are being traumatised by this 28 year , unfair law. The law discriminates dogs on their body shape and not their temperament. I am asking for the law to be changed to protect the public from dangerous and out of control vicious dogs, for them to be assessed on temperament, not their body measurements!