Dominic Cummings needs to resign or be sacked.

Dominic Cummings needs to resign or be sacked.

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Started by Marcia Bigg

Yesterday (Friday 22nd May) it was reported that Dominic Cummings, his wife and son travelled from London to County Durham in March/April when they should have been self isolating due to having Covid-19 symptoms, so that his parents could help look after the child.

This is in direct contradiction to ALL the government guidelines that if you had symptoms you had to stay in your residence for 7 days. 

There has been suggestions today that they travelled so that his sister could help and do their shopping, but this is not an excuse. They have travelled over 260 miles, over 4 hours away from their primary residence, when the guidelines said no non essential travel. Durham police have been quoted as having received a complaint from a neighbour saying someone had travelled up from London and that they spoke to a member of the household and reminded them about the guidelines, however Cummings and his extended family are denying that anyone spoke to the police, so are they calling the Durham police liars??

The British people have, on the whole, abided by the guidelines. People have not seen other members of their family for weeks. When they've been ill, they've struggled on and arranged for their shopping to be delivered rather than going out and spreading the virus around. 

Other politicians have breached the guidelines and have resigned or been sacked for what most would consider were lesser breaches. 

Cummings needs to resign and if he does not, he needs to be sacked. If Boris Johnson and his government so not do this, then that will show the people of the United Kingdom what the government thinks of them and that it is one rule for them and one rule for us. 

Please sign this petition. Thank you.

72,115 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!