Dominic Cummings Must Be Removed As Aide To PM After Breaking Lockdown Rules.

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On 23rd May 2020, UK media reported that Dominic Cummings travelled over 250 miles from London to County Durham to his parental home during the UK Coronavirus Lockdown. 

As the most senior advisor to the UK Prime Minister Dominic Cummings has to lead by example and respect the government's guidelines and restrictions in line with the Lockdown. These rules applied to all 66 million citizens of the UK and the rules have led to millions of people sacrificing their own freedoms and liberties for the protection of the NHS and fellow citizens of the UK. 

The UK Government to date have defended and protected Dominic Cummings against scrutiny and have described this trip as essential. However, Durham Police have advised that they made attempts to discuss the issue with Cummings as they believe there was a breach of the lockdown restrictions. 

If the Police deem Cummings actions to be against the restrictions and in breach of the lockdown then he must resign his position or be removed from office in the same vein as other prominent advisors have had to do eg Dr. Catherine Calderwood and Prof Neil Ferguson.