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Change UK law to class acid attacks as attempted murder.

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Acid attacks are often even more devastating to their victims than attacks which employ guns and knives, dissolving skin, tissue, vital organs and even bone - causing severe disfigurement, disabilities including blindness and amputation, and sometimes resulting in the death of victims.

For those who survive these barbaric, but increasingly commonplace attacks, a substantial degree of mental illness is common. Victims are scarred sometimes beyond recognition and avoid being seen in public, negatively impacting their social lives and employment prospects.

The pain, disability and extreme social discomfort becomes to much for some people, who feel that suicide is their only remaining option - this was the case for 22 year old Fakhra Yunus above, who jumped from her sixth-floor apartment because of her terrible injuries - the result of her abusive husband pouring acid on her face as she slept. For people such as her, the moment the acid hit them it effectively ended their lives.

In the wake of the recent spate of British acid attacks in London and an overall increase in such attacks in recent years, UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has hinted that current guidelines on the sale of corrosive substances may be overhauled. Whilst this is encouraging news, we feel it is too vague and needs to carry a clear mandate - that those who commit such attacks will suffer the full force of UK law.

We consider that acid, when misused - is a deadly weapon. Therefore, we propose that an automatic charge of attempted murder must apply to anyone who commits an acid attack, regardless of whether their predetermined motive was to kill the victim. Presently there is little in the way of a legal deterrent  - this must change, and quickly, before these type of attacks become more commonplace in our society. We owe it to the victims of acid attacks, and we owe it to ourselves.

We, the people must take responsibility and force a change in UK law to implement a clear deterrent to those who think the law will treat them lightly if they use acid as a weapon against others. Please sign and share if you agree.

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