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Change/Remove the TPD regulations on vaping in the UK!

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The TPD had cut down on our ability to vape and it's unnecessary and ridiculous to say the least. 2ml tanks and 10ml max e-juice bottles. This has to change!

Thank goodness We're leaving the EU so that unelected officials cant walk all over us!

Remove the restrictions, let us vape how we like, remove all unnecessary constraints imposed around 2 years ago. 

Vaping had gotten me off of smoking for well over a year, my lung capacity despite heavy vaping has increased and my general health has also gotten better (such as no lung burning during exercise). I also loved buying bigger capacity more flavour and cloud producing sub ohm tanks with higher wattage mods (mod boxes are the device that emits current and houses the batteries) but now they have to be tiny and meagre (except for the mods but I'm sure they'll follow if we're not careful).

Why are they controlling us like this? We aren't hurting anyone, not even ourselves. Parliament is just going mad as usual and bending over backwards. Make a stand guys and gals.

Why must they be so stringent on such a small insignificant matter?
What makes it such a "significant matter" and why isn't it open for dispute by more informed groups and individuals?
Why control something so benign to such a degree?
Why upset and disappoint millions of people, is it money, fear of the TPD repercussions, fear of non-existent health concerns or just ignorance towards the whole situation?

Something seems wrong when you class such a gentle and non-damaging hobby (some don't vape nicotine)/habit as a type of smoking which needs heavy controlling.

Buying smaller bottles uses more plastic and therefore produces more waste, people like me can get through 2 of those bottles a day easily.

We want to be free to vape in any way we wish: nicotine or not, any sub ohm tank capacity/size, larger bottles of e-juice which contains a % of pre-mixed nicotine like 3mg, 6mg or 9mg etc. Having to add your own nicotine increases chances of spilling concentrated nicotine solutions and does not give a guarantee of safety. More laws/restrictions on top of this won't help either. Just let manufacturers pre-mix nicotine into their e-juice. Safety is the only reason I could think of as to why the TPD separated nicotine from larger bottles (don't know why that would be safer) and my point is it doesn't help at all.

Just so you know the main ingredients to e-juice is vegetable glycerin (main ingredient to cough syrup), propylene glycol (which is found in many foods and inhalers for people with asthma and breathing difficulties), nicotine (if you choose, not needed to vape!) and flavouring both natural and/or artificial. This means the damage done by vaping which doesn't burn these ingredients before the inhale is almost non existent. Nicotine is as or less dangerous than caffeine.

The vaping ingredients and instruments are not a tobacco product and should be treated accordingly! Nicotine could soon be rehabilitated as a treatment for schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as hyperactivity disorders.

I repeat: these vaping ingredients and instruments are not a tobacco product and should be treated accordingly!

I have a suspicion that unlike how they approached vaping at the beginning (a possibly better alternative to smoking) they will turn it around and use vaping to make up for poor tobacco revenue or just make extra money through taxing the hell out of it.

I am asking for the UK GOV to step in and make/replace reasonable laws in the place of the current rules and regulations (remembering vaping is safe and clean) concerning the sale and use of vaping goods. I mean the damn mechanisms such as the tanks have Nicotine warning labels on them claiming they contain it when they don't.


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