Restrict the purchase of Fireworks to Noise suppressing types only.

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Yesterday Sunday 20th October 2019 my family and I returned home to find that our beloved 3-year-old Bengal cross cat had been killed by our champagne blue and white Staffordshire bull terrier Mitzie due to the torment and fear she had been put through by the constant release of fireworks close to and around our property over the last few days.

My 7-year-old dog is in no way to blame for the tragic incident and due to this she now has to be rehoused as the recommendation given to us was that you either put her to sleep or rehouse her. My family is a foster family meaning that all our animals are cleared to be in our household and if there was even the slight chance that it was to be believed that any of our animals were violent then they would not be living with us. 

It is taking recent events into consideration that I would like to begin this petition to restrict and ban the sale of fireworks to members of the public and to enforce that Fireworks are released only in controlled environments and at controlled events. 

It is my hope that this petition helps to eradicate incidents like what my family have gone through and stop irresponsible intoxicated members of the public from purchasing such products with ease. As it was due to irresponsible people releasing fireworks in a dangerous manner that caused not only the death of one of our pets but the rehousing of one of our oldest pets.

Please sign this petition and help us to campaign for restriction against the purchase of fireworks. So that only Quite/Noise Suppressant fireworks can be purchased.

The list of both fatal and non-fatal injuries affecting both people and animals is growing exponentially and it needs to stop. 

We all need to act now!