Ban Microtransactions in Video Games

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Currently, micro-transactions in video games are not classed as gambling. A lot of the gaming community is under 18 and therefore should not have to be exposed to this obvious gambling of real life money in a game they have already paid for.

This is not the only issue with microtransactions as they ruin games for everyone and loot boxes and the like allow for luck to replace skill in progressing in many games such as FIFA with its FIFA Points system and STAR WARS: Battlefront 2 with its Loot Crate system have no skill in acquiring new abilities and cards that provide a competitive advantage against other players. 

However the only way the gaming corporations are allowed to have these is because the law of gambling does not apply to video games. 

Even though many games are rated 18, the game developers know that a lot of their players aren’t under it and should address it so. 

This petition aims to argue to the government to revise the law on gambling and state that these microtransactions are classified as gambling and that way companies will have to remove these micro transactions and the gaming community will finally be purged of this gambling that ruins games and cons and manipulates people into spending more money on a game they have already bought. 

If we the gamers can change this we can save our favourite franchises from corrupting further. 

Please share this petition among the taking community and make this away!