Arrest Tommy Robinson and restrict him using any social media platform

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Tommy Robinson (founder of the EDL) needs to be arrested and a restriction needs to be placed immediately which does not allow him to use any social media platforms. This action needs to be taken due to Tommy being responsible for vast radicalisation of vulnerable individuals within the UK. He has been responsible for spreading messages of hate and is doing his very best to divide the peaceful communities.


Luton born Tommy Robinson has been responsible of creating mass disruptions within the UK by organising protests against the Muslim communities. He has used the tools of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to create a following and is currently on a daily basis using these platforms to spread his messages of hate.


The recent tragedy in Finsbury Park where an EDL member ran over Muslims after a pray session, Tommy took to his twitter account and justified the actions by blaming the Mosque of creating terrorists in the past. Whilst majority of the UK is united in grief, Tommy has continued his anti-Islamic agenda and even appeared on ITV show - This Morning.


This petition is for the UK government to detain Tommy Robinson and question his role in radicalising members of the EDL. He should also be put on the Terror watch list. In addition to this, special measures need to be taken by putting an order against his name which bans him using any social media platforms.

Kind regards

Concerned members of the UK Community