Approval on saction over insecurity in Nigeria

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Insecurities has been a norms in the society making it uncomfortable for a common citizen security granted. Citizen are not save in the country where Conny  assurance has been given which has no yield and it's affecting the economy badly.

Ways of tackling:

 1. immediate remover of service chiefs. 

2. Account of past ammunition budget  under his government and how it has been managed financially.

3. Official remover of amnesty on terrorists and should be brought to book to face the consequences as declared in the 1999 Nigeria Constitution act.

4. Replacement of new and freshman into to foresee the security issues in the country. 

5. Movement of transparency in the system .

6. Stop the abuse of it citizen fundamental human right and must be treated as a right not privilege.

7. Endsars protesters demards must be meet at all cost.