Allow organised meetings and events, with safety levels in line with pubs and restaurants

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Hire Space, Mash Media and the events world want the government to apply Coronavirus guidance consistently across industries. Specifically, we want the Coronavirus guidance to be updated to allow for organised meetings and events to be held under equivalent safety guidelines as those published for pubs, restaurants & bars.

Currently, a significant number of people are allowed to eat and drink together inside pubs, restaurants & bars. We believe that organised meetings and events of the same scale, with the same COVID-19 safety measures, should also be allowed to be held.

Arbitrarily banning meetings and events for a prolonged period of time will lead to 100,000s of job losses across the £70bn meetings and events industry, and cause the decimation of a supply chain which will leave the UK at a strategic disadvantage for many years.

Support the meeting and events industry, and support hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process.