Allow cancer patients to access treatment and clinical trials - please do not donate

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Please do not donate on this petition. 

Allow stage 4 cancer patients access to clinical trials now.  

Karen Hilton is a young mum with a 13 year old son, she was due to get married but Covid put this on hold.

Karen was due to get onto a clinical cancer trial to try and give her a chance to live a bit longer.  Karen has incurable Cancer, she will not survive unless she is given access to treatment and clinical trials. 

I want the Government to take action NOW and ensure that Cancer treatment and clinical trials are not put on hold due to Covid Research. It is estimated in the UK 450 people die every day from cancer but currently Covid research is putting cancer research on hold. This is going to impact the NHS more than COVID. 

Continuing to withdraw access or put on hold cancer treatment and Cancer clinical trials during the Covid pandemic will cause many thousands to die. Whilst it is important to find a cure or prevention drug for Covid and knowing this may take years to find, and in those years people who need treatment for other conditions will die.

We have clinical trials in place so let people access them and give them a chance to live.

If you had 2 children one with Covid and one needing cancer treatment who would you save?

The Government needs to step in and stop playing god by allowing many more people to die as an indirect result of Covid. Let’s save our loved ones and our NHS from this disaster as well.