Make Epilepsy Education a separate module in #epilepsyPSHE in secondary schools

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In 2020, all primary and secondary schools are set to have First Aid as part of the PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) module. However, there will not be an actual specific, separate module on epilepsy for secondary school students. 

Epilepsy, (a neurological condition resulting in seizures) affects approximately 1 in 100 of us. Around 1 in 26 of us will develop epilepsy at some point in our lives and roughly 1 in 10 of us will experience a one off unprovoked seizure during our lifetime; so seizures and epilepsy are a lot more common than people think.

Everyone is likely to know someone during their lifetime that has epilepsy, and probably see someone having a seizure, so it should be a module which is made mandatory during PSHE lessons. 

This will not only educate young people about what epilepsy is, but will help families to understand this neurological condition, while also helping to eradicate the stigma that sadly still prevails.  

I myself have epilepsy and run two online epilepsy support groups, and it is so disheartening to both experience and hear about people with epilepsy being bullied, misunderstood, judged and made to feel like they are not ‘normal’ all because they have epilepsy. Even family members of some people with epilepsy don’t understand properly or think they are ‘faking’ seizures. Much of this boils down to lack of understanding and knowledge of epilepsy, and in (almost) the year 2020, it’s time that changed!

Let’s make epilepsy a subject that’s spoken about and understood more, let’s help families who have to live with epilepsy, let’s educate, save lives & stamp out the stigma that still surrounds it! 

I would like to dedicate this petition to Paul Underhill, a dear friend of mine who very sadly passed away on 19th September. Paul, like me, had epilepsy and worked with me to come up with this petition. He would have loved to have seen this petition succeed and create more awareness of epilepsy.

So, please help me, in memory of a kind, funny and selfless man, to make epilepsy a mandatory module on the national curriculum under PSHE, by signing this petition. #epilepsyPSHE #inPaulsname 

Thank you!