A 15 year Plan for the NHS

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A 15 year Plan for the NHS

70 years ago to this day, our National Health Service was launched!

When you ask most people at home, or around the world, to pick something they are most proud of in the UK - the NHS is always in the top three.

We are all immensely proud of our National Health Service and we give our thanks to everyone that works in that organisation.

Unfortunately our NHS is understaffed and overstretched. We all know that a global trend of population growth, along with a large ageing population has taken a toll on our National Health Service.

For too long the NHS has been used as a tool in campaigning and every four years the NHS is left in the unknown of how the political landscape will change with each general election and is left with long period of uncertainty, of how much funding and support it will receive, till it all starts again in the next election.

We, the undersigned, are asking on this, the 70th anniversary of our NHS, that our MP’s put their differences aside and establish a cross-party committee that will work together to develop, along with staff from across the whole NHS organisation, a 15 year plan which will help ensure the future of the NHS and this committee of MPs from all parties and NHS staff can agree on and pass through Parliament into law of what the NHS can expect in support, funding, investment, refurbishment - to everything our National Health Service needs, regardless of which party/parties currently hold the most seats in Parliament. 

By planning for the next 15 years we are giving our entire Health Service the safety and security it needs, that whatever party/parties come into power and form a government. It knows exactly what support it will be receiving and can continue the running, development and longevity of the NHS.