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UK Media Please Cover the Story of Lennox & BSL

So no other dog and their family is destroyed by BSL

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We are emailing you today to encourage you to print an article on the corruption of Belfast City Council (BCC) in its treatment and subsequent killing of a family dog named Lennox.
As you may be aware, the recent actions of BCC in regard to Lennox has united dog owners in the UK and across the world with a desire to see the BCC and related parties who perjured themselves investigated, exposed and punished.
Various mainstream press have published articles to date on this story, including but not limited to:
In a statement dated 11/July/2012, BCC described their reasoning for killing Lennox as:

A) ‘an illegal pit-bull terrier type’
B) ‘Whilst there is an exemption scheme to which dogs of this type (pit-bull terrier type) may be admitted as an alternative to destruction, there were no such measures that could be applied in this case that would address the concerns relating to public safety. The Council`s expert described the dog as one of the most unpredictable and dangerous dogs he had come across.’
Both points above have been proven to be false:
Lennox was genetically tested and proven to be a mix of American Bulldog and Labrador blood (8) neither of which are illegal breeds under current law and, recent leaked video footage from temperament tests done by BCC during Lennox’s incarceration showed him to be well behaved (9, 10)


In particular regard to the leaked video (9), when taken together with the dog owners testimony that Lennox was well behaved, one can only conclude that BCC was lying by describing him ‘as one of the most unpredictable and dangerous dogs’.
During the course of this case, it has become apparent that BCC staff have perjured themselves in courts of law and even intimidated famous professionals dog trainers in order to fulfill their agenda to kill an innocent dog and cover their tracks (11). In addition, BCC staff have been reported making animal sounds in mockery when concerned citizens telephoned to enquire as to the status of Lennox on the day he was killed. (12).


BCC’s total disregard for a citizen’s rights and their intentional disdain for the expertise of more than one independent and unbiased, qualified professional’s proposals for aid and resolution for Lennox and his family, has only been compounded by their lack of sensitivity, compassion and professionalism.

As of now activists, celebrities and the general public in the UK and abroad are staging protests and garnering more and more support to bring BCC to justice. On 14/July/2012 protests against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) took place in London, Manchester, Brighton and Glasgow. In addition, the same groups are calling for governmental changes to the archaic Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) which unfairly labels certain breeds as naturally aggressive and therefore banned in the UK. In reality, one cannot make broad sweeping generalizations such as those assumed in the DDA, the action of one dog of a particular breed cannot and should not reflect a behavioural trait amongst the entire breed, just as you cannot make the same generalizations about humans of one ethnic group or another. Most dogs who end up aggressive are intentionally brought up that way through significant neglect and abuse by criminals and the irresponsible – coining the phrase ‘ban the deed, not the breed’. Quite recently countries such as the Netherlands and US states such as Ohio have realised this, and recently lifted their ban on certain canine breeds. (13, 14)
The truth of the matter lies in the inability of British governments (previous and present) to hold people directly responsible for their actions, instead, opting for the creation of a nanny state with the notion that reducing or wholly banning citizens rights, possessions and belongings will reduce crime rate. This is a dangerous road for the UK to go down, as the freedoms of the responsible become restricted (with thousands of dogs being destroyed for no reason, other than they ‘look like a banned breed’), worse still is the very nature of the irresponsible and criminal to ignore such laws. If the British nanny state laws descibed above actually worked, we would not have seen the devastating UK riots in 2011.

At this very moment, another case similar to that of Lennox is playing out in the UK. A canine named Duke was taken from his home by the police. Duke is not a dangerous dog, however due to archaic DDA laws he is kept in confinement awaiting a court case.
We ask you to please report the story of Lennox and Duke, to inform the UK public as to the faults of governmental ‘nanny state’ laws such as the DDA which unfairly punishes certain canine breeds whilst ignoring the human criminal/irresponsible element that are to blame, and the unchecked abuse of authority (without fear of consequence) of local city councils such as the BCC.


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