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Protect all Rape Survivors, Prosecute Rapists

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Only 7 out of every 100 reported rapists are convicted. The other 93 go free.

When rape is reported, police often dismiss or downgrade the complaint, lose or
fail to collect evidence, refuse to interview witnesses or make arrests, and blame
the victim (usually a woman or girl) rather than the rapist. Some victims are even
accused of lying, prosecuted and imprisoned while their attackers go free.

In court the evidence is rarely presented fully and fairly. Instead, the victim is put
on trial and her sexual history, mental health, immigration status or occupation are
raised to discredit her and excuse the rapist. Many victims have called this a second
rape. This reinforces the insult that women are sluts, telling potential
attackers that our bodies are not our own, but theirs to do what they like with.

This has to change. We demand that the authorities finally take rape seriously by
thoroughly investigating and prosecuting, so that more rapists are convicted, men
generally are discouraged from sexual violence, and women get the safety and
justice we deserve. We all have a right to live free from the fear of rape.

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