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Keep an Afghan interpreter Wahidi safe and give him rights of leave and remain in UK

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On behalf of all Afghan interpreters  (Hekmatullah Wahidi) write this petition to the high authorities of UK government to keep all Afghan interpreters as refugee and save their life and as well as their families life too. As interpreters we have had put our live in jeopardize, working very hard, sustained tough moments and have had been walked with them together shoulder to shoulder in front line in any horrible situations in summer and winter days and nights. We have been targeted by the bad dudes (Taliban) and anti - government groups everywhere in Afghanistan even the life of our families are in an immediate danger and risk, even when interpreters are not in Afghanistan. We are number one target by Taliban as they have said in every where and mostly looking for Afghan interpreters.

Most of us interpreters have been injured, got bullet, beheaded by Taliban, tortured by them, received threatening letters and faced with IED attack. Interpreters have lost their family members or have been killed by Al-Qaida due to working and helping the NATO forces in Afghanistan. It is an obvious history and all over the world know this better what is going on with current situation of Afghanistan, and also it is clear issue that the life of interpreters are in danger at any time.  Many interpreters feel in limbo, rejected by nations which made up the ISAF forces in Afghanistan, but fearful of torture and death if they remain in Afghanistan. It's an issue which is set to worsen if the coalition forces stay or leave Afghanistan. 

HEKMATULLAH WAHIDI known as (Tony) former USA interpreter who served as translator with USA forces in Afghanistan at least for 3 years.  Have been targeted by the Taliban on several occasions, including being shot at while with fellow interpreters and being a victim of an IED attack. He fled by a paying a third-party in a rush and without knowing which country he would end up in. As you are aware and heard  trough newspapers and news a former British  Afghan interpreter committed suicide in Croydon borough of London as he was suffering like other interpreters from depression and sever stress (PTSD); it happened when UK high authorities refused his asylum case and told, he will be deported back to Italy where he was already finger printed.

Wahidi added, It doesn't matter with which countries as part of NATO, the interpreters have been worked with them while they were in Afghanistan. We interpreters have been made our life like a bridge for NATO in Afghanistan so to keep them safe and we accepted all risks. And so the interpreters have played a key role for coalition forces in Afghanistan their homeland with all kind of difficulties in hard times, other nations at least pay respect for them and for their job which have had done as translator and they risked their life for them.

The Taliban have repeatedly shown that they can attack anyone, anywhere, at any time and they have killed many interpreters. Taliban call for interpreters ( infidels spy ) and they think that we interpreters have been showing NATO the ways, giving them direction and lead them to fight with Taliban. So we are known to them as Non-MUSLIM Afghan. UKBA says if Wahidi goes back home to Afghanistan his life is not at risk and Kabul will be safe for him. If anything happen to him there, so he wants from all his supporters to know this what the UKBA doing with his destiny and his life, even he have been several times mentioned to them his life is not safe there.

By the way, Wahidi's all cousins have been living in UK  and they are all British Citizen and also all his cousins have been studied in UK. Following Mr Wahidi's 8 years in the UK, he has still not had any solid or comprehensive response from the Home Office regarding his case and fellow Afghan translators situations. The Home Office has stalled his legal attempts to honour him and other fellow colleagues. He feels it is time to make a stand and fight for his right for political asylum in UK. He is  married in this country and have family and he has been trying to build his life in UK as  human being and  has the same right of living like other refugees too.

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