Make self-defence classes part of the school curriculum.

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On the 3rd of May 2019, my closest friend, Ellie Gould was brutally slaughtered in her own kitchen by her ex-boyfriend - Thomas Griffiths, her life was ripped away from her at the mere age of 17. She died from the 13 stab wounds to her neck which she mercilessly received after Griffiths strangled her with his bare hands. After murdering our gorgeous Ellie, he then proceeded to leave her alone on her family dining room floor for her family to find. For such an inhumane act, Griffiths received the minimum sentence he could have got - 12 years 6 months. 

One of the most devastating things about Ellie's death is that it has been said that if she had known the most basic self-defence techniques, she would be here with us today celebrating her 18th birthday on the 6th February but instead we are forced to celebrate it without her due to one monstrous act. As a group of young sixth-form students, we are aware of how stretched the education budget is and this is why our demands are not unrealistic. Alongside Ellie's family, we have come up with the idea of introducing self-defence classes into the Physical Education curriculum, this saves schools from having to pay external instructors to come in. It would mean instead of playing netball or football, pupils could partake in one or two basic self-defence classes a year; therefore developing their skills without taking up hours of lesson time. Not only would self-defence classes help potential murder victims but also rape and mugging victims too. 

Because I know now that Ellie could have escaped Griffiths, I will continue the fight to get justice for Ellie and to help prevent such a tragedy from happening again by asking that self-defence be put into the national Physical Education curriculum.