To allow pregnant women a companion for medical appointments

To allow pregnant women a companion for medical appointments

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The Mariposa Trust ( want to publicly appeal to the UK government and devolved administrations to remove the restrictions in place which prevents ladies having a companion with them when attending scans, hospital appointments or in-patient stays.

We understand why restrictions were implemented but now society is starting to return to normal, we are asking for an urgent change to be made.

We are hearing from tens of thousands of woman who are suffering mentally and emotionally due to these restrictions...Individuals are having to hear heartbreaking news that their baby has passed away with no hand to hold. People are being told that their babies have health conditions, and they have no shoulder to weep on. Women who have gone through previous loss, are having to attend appointments alone, which risks further layers of trauma.

As well as these rules being traumatising for many pregnant ladies to endure, it is also terrible for their partners. It usually takes two people to create a child, and to eliminate the partner from these fundamental life moments, could have a profound effect on individuals and couples.

We urge that this be considered and addressed as a matter of urgency.