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End the institutionalized invisibility, abuse and non consenting genital mutilation of babies born Intersex and legally recognise (in all capacities) a third (X) box for consenting Trans and Intersex people.

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"The Silver Bo(X)" is an art crusade aimed at the UK Government to stop the systematic, irreversible and barbaric genital mutilation of non consenting Intersex babies and for the UK Government to recognise the biological spectra of genders that exist in our species and every species around us.

This petition also calls for a Third Gender Box to be recognised in law for those consenting humans born either Transgender and Intersex. Presently, the Human Rights of these Genders are being abused institutionally, because they are completely invisible in UK law and thus culture for thousands of years since the Greco-Roman era. 


This petition calls for the addition of a 3rd (X) box to the category of sex/gender in law. However this (X) box would be only be for those expressing consent to it. Those born outside of Greco-Roman European forced and "traditional" Gender Binarism, must be given the human right to decide for themselves how they wish to identify, according to their own nature and must no longer be forced to adhere to a forced black and white binary if this is not their instinct or biology. Androgyny is not just fashion, it is a genetic and biological reality and UK law must reflect this scientific fact. 


One in 1500 children around the world is born with atypical sexual genitals and intersex biology. These children are at risk of having genital organs operated on in dangerous non consenting procedures which often leave them with no sexual feelings and traumatized LEGALLY under the guise of "corrective surgery". In reality these children are irreversibly genitally mutilated without consent as babies often for purely cosmetic reasons, placating UK law's archaic and scientifically incorrect binary view of sex/gender. These children are currently exposed to institutionalised psychological and physical abuse and non consenting modification because the state will not acknowledge the biological existence of the biological spectrum of genders that actually exists and is documented as existing since the Greco Roman period.


Numerous countries around the world including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and India have adjusted their laws, recognising a third box for gender and this petition calls for an overdue change to UK law. Malta has just become the next EU country to also reform law and recognise the intersex and trans people fully in law.


"The Silver Bo(X)" calls for discourse on the over whelming scientific fact that intersex people exist and that intersex identities blossom all around us in nature (as well as in our own species), specifically challenging the non consenting genital mutilations on infants born Intersex every year, so please sign this petition to ensure that they must finally stop. No one has the right to surgically modify another's nature unless that person consents to it. Please sign this petition if you believe that no human being should be forced to endure genital mutilation without consent and have their human rights severely infringed upon, regardless of the gender they are born.


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