Stop the Badger Cull in the UK - Help Save 64,000 badgers this Autumn

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32,000 badgers have been slaughtered in the UK in an effort to cure bovine tuberculosis or TB among cattle, and the worst parts are, it’s legal, and it doesn’t even work. In 2014, 20% of the cull was monitored by the government, in 2018 less than 0.4% was monitored while the government still allowed it to continue without control. This lack of control is allowing people to not only kill, but to leave badgers to suffer for several minutes before succumbing to their injuries. 

Badgers, while they do carry the disease, are not the leading cause of the spread of TB amongst the herds. Cows on farms that are affected the most have been found to be living in their own faeces, quickly spreading the disease through most of the herd. This leads to the slaughter of the remaining cattle to be safe. 

By signing this petition you will be joining thousands of others in a protest against the badger cull being legal. With enough support, we will be that much closer to changing the laws. 


**This petition is run by two high school students who are dedicated to protecting badgers in the UK. visit our Instagram: (@jazis_badgers) or our website: