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Stop PayPal UK/Europe stealing users' money.

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Many thousands of PayPal users are having their accounts frozen or closed without a real appeal, money withheld for 6 months, or money withheld for 3 months, or money withheld for 21 days for no good reason. Users are also subjected to worse than poor (and at times offensive) customer service, with return email addresses failing to operate, telephone service responses taking ages (if answered at all), and overall response times of 5 days or more (if at all), with the normal response being "canned" rather than from a real person. Monies are randomly and without warning taken from user's bank accounts and credit/debit cards. The PayPal user agreement serves ONLY the businesses of eBay and PayPal, and since it inherently benefits the writer of the agreement and puts the user at a disadvantage, this agreement must be rendered unenforceable by UK Law. Changes must be made to the PayPal user agreement and they must not be allowed to continue randomly withholding users' funds on the flimsy claim of "security". Law must be made to render PayPal ANSWERABLE and to make the user agreement FAIR TO USERS.

PayPal the Company is broken. And the users are paying for it. It needs to stop. Now.

If you're in the UK and you have a problem with PayPal freezing your account, withholding your funds for any period of time EVEN IF IT'S FOR 21 DAYS UNDER THE PREMISE OF "NEW EBAY USER", or cancelling or closing your account due to "securtiy/fraud prevention/undisclosed reasons" then please keep a detailed trail of all your communications and sign this petition.

Please make sure you have an account restriction/account closure/funds withheld issue and please make sure you have kept all relevant details of your grievance. We'll all need proof when we all take PayPal to Court.

Together we will make a change.


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