Stop Mind Control and Directed Energy weapons on innocent civilians in the UK

Stop Mind Control and Directed Energy weapons on innocent civilians in the UK

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Dear civilians,

I am writing this petition today to ask for urgent action regarding what is being done to innocent civilians HERE in the UK. I am a Life Coach/ therapist of 10 years now and the owner of the foremost Targeted Individual website in the UK called Targeted UK.

So what is the issue in a nutshell?

People in the UK are literally being psychologically and physically tortured with Directed energy weapons and Mind control technologies. All of this is being done remotely and covertly away from public's awareness.

These assaults are being carried out mainly by our own intelligence agencies and military (i.e. our government) as well as increasingly by private intelligence and security agencies. There are also credible reports in increasing numbers of private criminal gangs and individuals who have got their hands on this technology. This MUST stop!

The victims of this severe Human Rights abuse are suffering the most severe levels of degradation and torture and many are even being 'driven' (or rather 'programmed') towards suicide purposefully as part of these assaults.

This is a complete violation of virtually all the articles of the UN declaration of Human rights which is based upon the UN charter such as...

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." (Article 1)

"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." (Article 3)

"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." (Article 4)

....As just 3 examples of the many articles completely ignored. (UN declaration of Human Rights)

So why are these assaults being committed?

The specific reasons why people are placed on one of these programmes can vary as it depends upon the individual and the people/ groups that are carrying out the attacks. However, the 'programmes' are almost always designed to devastate and control every area of an individuals life.

The following could be said to be some of the main reasons why people are targeted...

1) Because they spoke out against the government/ military/ intelligence or even a powerful person, organization or business. Many activists and human rights proponents come under this category and are targeted. 

2) Non consensual weapons testing. They are being used as free research test subjects to develop and refine their weapons.

3) To stop them speaking out about a 'cause' or against someone. 

4) To keep an eye on them through Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) surveillance where the thoughts are tracked and monitored. Targeted Individuals are also always controlled and 'attacked' using these weapons at the same time as the RNM surveillance.

5) Because they got on the wrong side of someone within the government, someone powerful, or someone within the intelligence and military (or the private perpetrators). 

6) Revenge

7) The person knows something and so they are monitored and controlled to make sure they do not spread this information. This is often the case with many who have been targeted after leaving the military or intelligence agencies.

8) In some cases they have even been used to assassinate people quickly and directly. This does not include the slow murder/ assassination that targets are going through by being irradiated to death with the frequency weapon assaults. 

9) Other sadistic reasons. Once put on these programmes targets are often used and treated like a 'play thing' or 'experiment' for individuals/ groups own deviant reasons.

10) To create a Mind Control slave (Manchurian Candidate) who will do the bidding of the perpetrators. This is true unfortunately.

In essence then it is a complete surveillance and subjugation programme designed to devastate and control a person's life. The people performing these grave human rights abuses purposefully programme and devastate a person life though mind control and electronic torture (i.e. Directed Energy Weapon shots/assaults).

This is a global programme and while their are certain private groups and individuals who are using these weapons these abuses are predominantly done by an integrated global intelligence network that is believed to have the CIA at its helm and British intelligence and 5 eyes as integral parts of the system. There is a lot of credible evidence that backs these claims up. 


These are the ways they ruin targets lives...

1) Financially (i.e. their careers). Many cannot even work.

2) Their health. The weapons can and do create illnesses and degradation in health and mental wellbeing. 

3) Their relationships (i.e. they isolate targets and ruin their family relationships). They also stop them from meeting potential partners (through isolation) which also means that this is a eugenics programme.

4) They ruin them emotionally, spiritually and the ability for victims to ever find any semblance of inner peace. The mental stress and torture is beyond anything the average person could comprehend from just reading this.

5) They basically ruin the complete enjoyment and happiness of an individuals life by making them severely depressed, on edge, anxious, panicky and suicidal. The individuals get no respite (and have no hope) from the 24/7 torture and assaults meant to break them down in every way.

Many placed on these weapons/ targeting programmes are never taken off and some have been placed on these programmes for many years (in many cases decades!).

Based on current estimates by experts there could be 40,000 'Targeted Individuals' in the UK. My personal opinion is that there is many more who do not know that they are being covertly influenced and abused and mistake it for something else (like anxiety, depression, mental illness, burnout or a 'crash').

Worse still the numbers of these abuses are increasing and getting worse. I want to ask the readers one question...

Would you be happy to sit by and watch these threats become so mainstream (and even accepted/ ignored) that you children and your children's children were largely (or even completely) enslaved by these technologies? People need to take this more seriously than they are. There are document on that show that they plan on rolling these technologies out on everyone. People can call it a conspiracy theory if they want but is the public really ready to take that chance given the huge amount of evidence that shows this threat? (The documents below are one of many forms of evidence that show this).

Here are those documents stating that the use of these weapons is for a planned global rollout... (Silent Weapons for Quiet wars) (The NASA war plan document) (The NASA war plan document summary PDF)

Numbers will surely increase if we do not do anything now. We only have a limited time frame in which to act before a critical threshold is reached in this global control system. Once again, this is not a conspiracy. These weapons have been in development since at least the late 1940's and have always been in development as part of a global conspiracy to completely surveil and subjugate the public as the above documents show.

What are our goals to stop this?

To keep things simple we are looking for...

1) Government 'public' acknowledgement of these weapons and programmes

2) Frequency weapon police that 'accurately' protect and enforce against these weapon attacks on civilians.

3) Safer/ better watch listing procedures.

4) Publicly available 'specific' new legislation that protects and enforce against these abuses in the UK.

Please see and read the document below for our goals in the UK Targeted Community... (Targeted Individuals Goals in the UK - PLEASE READ!)


So the choice is yours on what you do. If you decide to help then you are part of the solution. 

Please sign and subscribe to this campaign. Please share this campaign far and wide. If you could do this daily I would really help get the word out, but any help at all would be massively appreciated.

Please also share this campaign with...

1) 10 Downing street here... This is part of Targeted UK's campaign for everyone to put massive pressure on 10 Downing street and so this will help Targeted UK's chances of success massively. Every email counts!

2) Also, please share this with your local MP and discuss the issue (face to face if possible). Then please ask them to contact 10 Downing street also in a official capacity to start discussions and initiate solutions.

3) Also, sharing this petition with the mainstream media would be incredibly helpful! 

Please remember we are in a race against time to save lives and our democracy and free will. For humanity to ignore this would sadly be the gravest error. 

We in the UK are only really empowered to make changes here and so let's really ALL put pressure on 10 Downing street constantly and consistently.

Please all also consider donating to Targeted UK below. Your money will massively help to cover any expenses that are incurred in running the site plus any other activism, projects or scientific investigation that may need to be done.  

Donate ( 

(Donations greatly appreciated to help us grow our work)

For any of you who were just reading this as an 'article of interest' with no previous intention to help I beseech you to genuinely put yourself in our shoes honestly for a couple of minutes now to feel what our predicament is like.

Here is a free Ebook below that I created that aims to give those who are interested a more in depth explanation of this sick crime. It is written with the purpose of being a 'comprehensive' document that explains every area of the programme and answers any question you may have including an in depth look at the symptoms of the attacks. It also sets out all the most credible evidence that is available to prove these crimes...

Once again please sign, share and please take the recommended actions above (the most important of which is emailing (or writing) to 10 Downing street as much as you can!).

Many thanks once again for hearing our calls. Your help is massively appreciated and can never be forgotten.

With love,

Mark Williams (BSc) 












224 have signed. Let’s get to 500!