We didn’t forget about Grenfell - Replace all flammable cladding on buildings in the UK

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The Grenfell Tower fire occurred as a result of flammable cladding and inadequate safety measures. Three years on the problem still remains with thousands across the country living in unsafe buildings. Banning cladding is not enough, we call on the Government to ensure the replacement of all flammable cladding currently in use.

We can never again let another tragedy like Grenfell happen. The Government cannot fail its citizens in rented apartment buildings and council housing, disproportionately putting people from lower income backgrounds at risk. The Government not taking action on this issue will cost more lives.

The flammable cladding ban was welcomed but there is no concrete, workable plan in place to replace the cladding on many remaining unsafe buildings, affecting 21,000 households.

The former housing secretary said that all private sector buildings with ACM cladding would be fixed by June 2020. It is June 2020 and we are a long way away. This needs to be prioritised and the government must enforce landlords replacing this cladding with a hard deadline and sanctions for non-compliance.

In addition and in particular, there was no promise made on non-private sector buildings such as council housing. The government must pay for the removal and replacement of dangerous cladding on council and housing association buildings, which it so far has not funded. Without the government funding this, this will be pushed to the wayside and the most vulnerable in our country will remain at risk. It has already been three years.