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UK Government: Please ban the importation of foie gras into the UK!

I'm forwarding on the link for this E-petition, as I consider this petition to be an extremely important one. I didn't create this petition myself, but I really hope we can hit 100,000 signatures for it, in order to have a good chance of it being debated in the House Of Commons.  You must be a UK resident, in order to sign this petition.  Please only give your correct name and address for this petition, otherwise it will be void.  

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The practise of producing foie gras is illegal in the UK, on animal-cruelty grounds, yet the import of foie gras products to the UK is legal due to trade laws. In practise, the UK is condoning and financing a practise it has itself banned which is hypocritical. I implore the UK government to illegalise the importing of foie gras products in the UK.GIVE THE BRITISH PEOPLE A VOICE!

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