Petition to end the trade of exotic animals in China - by Music Against Animal Cruelty

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We are calling on the UK government to put pressure on senior Chinese authorities to take more action and enforcement on the exploitation of endangered animals in Asia. The consumerism and farming of endangered species is putting huge pressure on wild populations. If China and Vietnam do not act now it could be too late for many iconic wild animals including Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos.

The removal of these species from the wild will have an affect on us all. The survival of these mega fauna is intertwined with our own as we are all part of a complex ecosystem. The loss of such important and incredible animals that have been created over millions of years would be a testament to our selfishness and lack of care and respect for the natural world. It is time for change!

MAAC acts as a broker between musicians, the music industry, music fans and organisations who are working on initiatives to save various animals facing the dangers of a diminishing population and extinction.

There must be more action by the Chinese government and authorities to end the consumerism of endangered animals in Asia.

Add your name to the below and urge the UK government to put more pressure on China to:

1. Shut down the Tiger farms to stop the mass farming of Tigers for their parts including their bones and skin. 
2. More enforcement and stricter punishment to end the illegal trade in elephant ivory.
3. Put an end to the trade in ‘Rhino Horn’ which has now become a status symbol as opposed to a traditional medicine. 
4. The consumption of Pangolin, the worlds most trafficked mammal.

China also needs to take the lead and put an end to the barbaric practice of eating and killing domestic animals:

1. The eating of dogs at the Yulin dog meat festival and other Asian festivals.
2. The butchering and farming of domestic cats for purses and shoes.

Stop animal cruelty in China by signing our petition before it is too late for many species. Join us #savethemwithsound

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Photo credit: Mpumalanga News