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Help For Homeless UK - British tax money to stop the homeless dying on Britain's streets

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There is a big problem with homelessness in the UK. I see it and hear about it every day in the City of Bristol. I'll be honest, I used to try to avoid people sat on the concrete with a blanket, in fear that they were somehow dangerous. Recently, I have spent a lot of time with people in Addiction Recovery, who have been homeless themselves, are truly amazing, inspirational people, and have started to successfully rebuild their lives. This shows me that it absolutely can be done. So now I am desperate to save the lives of others who are now homeless, who can make the same progress, if given the help they so desperately need.

Millions of British tax payers money goes to waste on needless "improvement" projects, such as the Bristol City Centre project, which recently ran well over time & budget, when it didn't need improving in the first place! Also, our MP's have their "expenses" paid by the British tax payer, when surely they are paid enough already. Those are just a couple of examples!

The UK has RIGHTLY sent £BILLIONS over the years, to help people abroad, who are in need. Surely though, with that being said, it has to be time to start helping our own people, suffering and dying, freezing cold and desperately hungry, on Britain's streets. 

If the UK government spends our tax money on bringing our own people into the warm, safe, fed and watered, they then have an opportunity to recover from their ordeals, and eventually become tax payers again themselves.

Please help me spread the word to the country by signing this petition and sharing my campaign videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other Social Media channels.

Some say it's an impossible dream, but I believe the British people can unite to send the message LOUD & CLEAR to the UK Government, to save the lives of people in Britain.

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