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Brilliant nature! Stop rooftop cruelty to super smart birds.

Patrick Driscall
Swansea, WLS, United Kingdom

Jun 3, 2021 — 

Phenomenal progress! The petition to reduce the use of bird deterrent spikes on buildings has been making big gains again this week. Thanks to your help it is nearing 30,000 signatures. The higher we go, the easier it will be to influence decision makers and get things changed.
Can you please help right now by sharing the petition with your friends to get it gliding along ever happily?
Petition link
The photo in the link shows a bird can get caught and die because of unnecessary cruel bird deterrent spike strips on buildings. Many of these roof top perching bird species have super smart brains but sadly are also endangered. It’s worth being aware that many are being affected by climate change’s effect on our oceans and irregular breeding season weather changes. Every little bit we as people can do to reduce unnecessary bird deaths can help stop possible extinction.
I recently saw a poor Herring Gull dangling dead from a roof top caught by a strip of spiked bird deterrents. I felt I must do something. That’s why I started the petition.
Remember to share the petition (copy and paste) using the link above with friends and on social media. Ask people to please sign and share the petition themselves. If you’ve already been so kind as to have already shared why not share again. Your post may find people at a more convenient time.
Birds don’t deserve to die because of these ill placed cruel bird deterrent measures. Help stop the killing or injuring of birds who simply want a place to land and thrive.
The “wraith-like, spotless beings”
This week’s image (by very kind permission of Emma Brown) is of the stunningly beautiful yet somewhat endangered Black Headed Gull. It was taken on the gorgeous Isle of Wight. This species is amber listed and therefore now subject to moderate declines in its population. There are around 140,000 breeding pairs across the UK according to the RSPB. It is also frequently found inland unlike many other gull species which are more coastal. They feed on worms, insects, carrion and fish.
I thought this week I would quote from a wonderful description of gulls from “Country diary 1921: the wraith-like scavengers of the sea” published recently in the The Guardian but originally written and published in 1921 by Basil de Selincourt. He describes seeing gulls following a ship he is on –
“Something had happened to these particular birds. They were translucent. Light seemed to pass through them and to shine from them, and as in their oscillations they flew from east to west of us they showed pure white, while as they flew from west to east they were suffused with the palest vestige of pale yellow, and became the colour of the last meltings of a lemon ice.”
He adds reflecting on “this exquisite miracle” “that these perfectly appointed, wraith-like, spotless beings were the scavengers of the sea.” And that “- one wondered how long it would take man to learn from nature how to clear up messes.” A lesson for us all maybe?
More of your bird photos for this campaign would be much appreciated if you feel like donating them. Please contact me personally by Facebook Messenger if you are willing to donate any shareable images to help make this campaign buzz. Thank you so much.
3 things you can also do to help:-
If you have helpful contacts or ideas on how this petition can be won, please kindly let me know on Twitter at @joboxer12 .
Tweet this update or share the petition on social media using the hashtags Nature, birds, NoToBirdSpikes or LetTheBirdsFly
Use a bird image you have taken and post to social media with the petition link asking people to sign and share (use the same hashtags above). Add your own words saying why you think birds should not get hurt or killed by bird deterrents.
Thanks so much for all your support and let’s get gliding to success!

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