Free Angel and Maya

Free Angel and Maya

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Started by Tanya Borg

Free Angel and Maya 

Angel now aged 20 and Maya now aged 8 were taken to Libya 5 years ago by their father (when they were just ages 15 and 3) without their mothers permission.

After 4 long years of pursuing court in the UK against the father to order the return of the Girls back to the Uk, The mother Tanya Borg Took the dangerous trip and went to libya to start court proceedings over there where she obtained Custody from the grandmother, but is now effectively gone in to hiding.

Angel and Maya Being held against their will!

Angel has had no education since being in Libya, is being physically locked inside a premises not having the freedom to even contact her own mother. Her conditions are against human rights begging her mother to help get them home. 

With this petition we want the physical or financial help of the government or any Organisation that can assist to help the return of Tanya Borg‘s two children Angel and Maya.

This does not only effect Tanya Borg their mother but also the whole family and the community where they live  And family across the world. Also anyone that is a loving parent or sibling that would give the world to help their children. No child should be ripped away from their mother and being treated as if they were nothing no rights no life no nothing!! 
Where is their justice ??


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3,196 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!