Ensure ALL licensed Kennels & Catteries are entitled to the Covid19 small business grant

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The Kennels and Cattery sector, although not officially classified as, are a very important part of the holiday industry and are therefore suffering very badly from this present Covid 19 crisis.

As a group, over the last few weeks, we have all received no bookings, just endless cancellations, leaving many of us with no income at all until May (and then only if the crisis abates), but still with staff , bills, license and insurance etc to pay. In the last 24 hours due to the huge financial pressure at least 2 have closed their doors for the last time and numerous others have had to make the very regrettable decision to lay off their staff, some of which have worked with them for many years.

without some desperately needed financial backing , in the next couple of weeks, many more will give up the fight and close their doors making even more people redundant and leaving all their loyal clients with nobody they trust to look after their beloved pets, and without this care, many people will feel unable to take a holiday at all.