Change the national anthem to Rule, Brittania!

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I believe we should have a national anthem that resembles the entirety of Britain in its utmost beauty, that the whole of Britain can unite and get behind.

When we look at other, patriotic national anthems, they sound so much more passionate and unites the country in a much more beautiful way than our current anthem. Our current anthem only resembles part of what our country stands for - when looking at other nations' anthems, it features so heavily as part of their peoples heritage and culture, whereas God Save the Queen is only part of what we stand for. Think of:

France: La Marseillaise
Italy: Il Canto degli Italiani
Ireland: Amhrán na bhFiann
USA: Star Spangled Banner

I could go on. We need our rich heritage and culture to stand out on a global stage, and the anthem goes a long way to resembling what this means for this British peoples. Rule, Brittania! really is an anthem that Britain can get behind. It puts tingles up spines, shows a huge amount of passion for our country, and displays our heritage in an appropriate way.

God Save the Queen can be used for Royal events, such as weddings and the such, but we need something to unite us, especially during the rocky, divided political climate we are facing.

Join me in making a real, positive change to try and unite our country, and enable us to further remember our heritage on a world scale.

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