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UK Government : Ban unregulated Dog Breeding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dog breeders (Greeders) are selling underweight/under age Puppies daily totally unlicenced in the UK !! The bitches are kept in dark and squalid conditions and more often than not FORCIBLY impregnated via the 'rape stand' !! They are underfed with no veterinary treatment whatsoever and often have incestuous Puppies resulting in many birth defects/illnesses . The poor Pups are sold very often before they are even of weaning age which results in very sick and underweight Animals being sold purely for monetary gain . This is wrong on sooooo many levels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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UK Government
Dog breeders on the whole are totally unscrupulous and cruel !! Sadly , the majority of 'breeding bitches' are kept in dark and squalid conditions with no access to veterinary care whatsoever !! These 'greeders' are abusing their Animals daily and are ONLY interested in monetary gain ..... There are so many Animals in rescue centres BECAUSE 'greeders' sell Puppies which are more often than not sold before they are even weaned . They are often sold without EVER having seen a Veterinary and are sadly sold with diseases/illnesses that could so easily have been prevented !!!!!!!!!!!! We the undersigned demand you take action and outlaw unregulated breeding in the UK

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