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Act now against human rights violations in Palestine before more people lose their lives

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Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! The current EMERGENCY IN PALESTINE needs immediate focus. Every hour the situation is getting worse. The bad situation in Middle East more widely must not be allowed to obscure the human rights violations in Palestine.  

We call for a focus on human rights, the care of human beings and for consistency and anti-racism. *The people of Palestine are seriously in need of protection*

The situation in Palestine is fast getting worse and worse: murders at the hands of armed settlers and Israeli soldiers, hundreds of injuries, dozens of arrests, terrible videos of children taken away from their parents and fathers taken from their children, house demolitions, movement restrictions, tear gas across the West Bank (and still the terrible siege on Gaza). There is appalling hate-speech in Israel showing deepest racism against Palestinians. Young people seem particularly at risk.

When we began to write this this morning (7th October) we wrote of a serious attack on yet another a young person. Shorouq Dawayat, a young woman student from Jerusalem had been shot and seriously wounded by an Israeli settler in the Old City – We wrote, “is there to be someone every day?” In the hour since this, two young men have also been shot by soldiers in Al Bireh and one of them declared dead.

Just some of the other young people being mourned now are

·         Hadeel Hashlamon, an 18-year old woman from Hebron was killed by soldiers at a checkpoint –

·         Diaa al Talahmeh, a students from Al Quds University

·         Ahmed Khatatbeh was killed at a checkpoint at Beit Fourik

·         Fadi al Wan killed running from settlers who had attacked him

·         Mohammed Obeid Allah  13-year old from Aida camp in Bethlehem killed on way home from school.

We support the call made by a friend from Abu Dis who said,

    "I want the right to raise my kids like you do. I want the right to travel in a decent way from my country and return safely. I don't want to see people shouted at by soldiers in Hebrew and then punished when they don't understand. I don't want to be scared that my children are shot on the way home from school. We want to live in dignity and to have our rights as human beings.”

We call on the Foreign Office to act now, to prioritise human rights and care for human beings. We call for an end to the apartheid situation in Palestine. We call for the scrutiny of all UK policies related to Israel/ Palestine to ensure that they are consistent and anti-racist. We call for protection for civilians! We call for action on the current context and on the whole situation and this is very urgent!


Today: is counting on you needs your help with “UK Foreign Office via Keir Starmer MP (local MP for CADFA): Act now against human rights violations in Palestine before more people lose their lives”. Join and 649 supporters today.