Stop airing Cesar Millan's harmful and outdated methods on UK TV.

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Cesar Millan's "The dog Whisperer" is based on out-dated unscientific, cruel and damaging methods which is then portrayed and used by the public; leading to masses of mentally and behaviourally damaged dogs, which increases the likelihood of bite reports to those at risk, such as children, the elderly and ill informed owners. These dogs are then often relinquished to rescue centres around the country.

Many, if not all distinguished and qualified canine behaviourist disprove Millan's methods, because of their damaging consequences to our canine companions. Those such as Victoria Stilwell, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and large welfare charities such as The Dogs Trust.

By removing this purely damaging source of outdated dog training within the mainstream TV media, which has become completely absorbed by the general public. We can make steps towards creating mentally healthier and happier dogs, reducing the number of dogs relinquished to rescue centres and preventing the risks and liklihood of fatal dog bite attacks in the UK.

With behavioural problems being the most common reason for people to handover dogs to rescue centres (130,000 dogs being given up each year) and it being the number one reason for dogs under the age of 2 to be put to sleep. It's estimated that of the UK's 8.5 million dogs at least 60% of those report behavioural problems. And with more than 7,000 dog bite incidents (in 2015) that required hospital treatment and at least 13 of those (over the past 10 years) being fatalities to children or babies.

We have a duty of care to the public and to our dogs to prevent unnecessary suffering by providing the correct approach to training and behaviour especially when the consequences of poor/outdated behaviour and training methods can lead to such tragedies, as dogs have the ability (like any mammal) to become dangerous and unstable when misunderstood and approached with such damaging methods such as those used by Cesar Millan.