Ban Homework

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Homework has been the thing that caused so much stress and anxiety for years. If your child is suffering from depression, stress, or fear of going to school, then it's extremely likely that it's because of homework.

Firstly, homework causes stress, anxiety and fear of coming to school, which results in grades dropping. Do you want your child to do well academically? But did you know that mental problems have a big impact on your child's attitude towards learning and coming to school? Some kids can't cope with so much stress. Especially, the ones in primary and high school.

Secondly, parents don't always have the time to sit with their children and help them with their homework. It's because there is too much homework, and it can be quite difficult as well.

Thirdly, homework ruins the main difference between school and home. School is for learning, while home is for relaxation, entertainment and family time. Why does school have to take up literally, ALL of our childhood? - And fill it with stress as well. It's not right. When we look back at our childhood, are we going to be able to say that we 100% enjoyed it? Of course not. We all had bad times, and some of them were linked with homework. School can be interesting and fun, but when it's too much, then it's too much. I'm not saying that school is rubbish, because I don't mind school. But if schools are not even able to set a reasonable amount of homework, then WHY SHOULD THEY EVEN SET HOMEWORK?

I hope I made my point. I am a victim of homework, however, I do not mind revision. It's always good to take some notes home and spend some time before bed reading them. However, that doesn't mean that students are to be given piles of books to revise from. That wouldn't help. If I was in charge of all the schools in the UK, then I would obviously ban homework, but I would allow small revision to be taken home by students from time to time.

Do you agree with me? Feel free to add your argument in the comments below, and please sign this petition so that we can try to make a difference and make life easier for students, especially the ones who are in primary and high school, who can't cope with stress really well yet.